Monthly Archive: February, 2016

A Czech Republic Guide for Beer Lovers

Czech Republic is the country with highest ranks of beer consumption per capita in the world, followed by its neighbors Austria and Germany. It’s also a very popular destination among beer lovers because… Continue reading

The Indian Religions Explained

India is one of the countries where I’ve never been to which I would to visit the most. The awesome dance moves, the colorful sarees, the henna tattoos, the spicy dishes, the magic… Continue reading

Alsace: Where fairytales come true

In Europe, there are countless lovely places with which it’s not very difficult to fall in love with. One of my all time favorites is Alsace, a beautiful french region covered by lush… Continue reading

Marvão: the pearl of northern Alentejo

If I had to choose one word to define my country, Portugal, I would probably choose ‘picturesque’. In fact, in Portugal, everything is picturesque, from tiny villages to big cities. And I think… Continue reading