Alsace: Where fairytales come true

In Europe, there are countless lovely places with which it’s not very difficult to fall in love with. One of my all time favorites is Alsace, a beautiful french region covered by lush vineyards and colourful fairytale villages which is located just a step away from Germany and Switzerland. Wanna know more about this picturesque region?

Last summer, I spent one day and half of other one exploring the region and I have to say that this (very) short time was enought to make me fall in love with Alsace, where it seems that we are just about to find an armored knight or a golden princess’s carriage heading to a ball on the next corner. I miss so much to slowly wander through the super cute colourful half-timbered houses of Strasbourg, Colmar and Riquewihr, lined up on flowery clobblestoned streets sometimes crossed by picturesque cannals. This enchanting scenario gets even more magical when you feel the sweet aroma of warm cookies and cakes coming from the numerous ‘pâtisseries’ that can be found pretty much everywhere you look.


Colmar // The Wanderer Guy Copyright (C) All rights reserved

Despite the fact that Strasbourg is a beautiful place that doesn’t deserve and really mustn’t to be ignored (how is it possible to ignore the so called ‘Capital City of Europe’?), if you have the chance of visiting Alsace, don’t be afraid of spending some days out of the city because the best treasures of the region can actually be found on the nearby towns. My favorites are Colmar and Riquewihr, but there are much more to explore. Why? There is no need to explain. The pictures speak for themselves.

If you have the chance of exploring Alsace in winter time, don’t waste the opportunity once it’s one of the best times of the year to do so, not only because of the worldwide famous christmas markets, where, besides spiced gingerbred man cookies and mulled wine, you will find everything related to the season (including the best presents), but also because of the wide offer of winter activities such as skiing, sledding, dogsled outings, biathlons, snow kiting and snowshoeing, not to mention that the region has an extra charm when covered by snow.


Colmar // The Wanderer Guy Copyright (C) All rights reserved

Last but not the least, if, besides wandering, you are also interested on some sightseeing, check the Strasbourg Cathedral, the Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, the National Automobile Museum and the European Union Parliament, which are ranked as the best attractions in the area. As I already told you, I was very short I was very short in time when I visited Alsace and that’s why from all of these, I only had the chance of visiting Strasbourg Cathedral, which I totally loved. It has one of the most intricate gothic facades I have have see on my travels (it’s so damn huge that it even doesn’t fit in the camera frame), not to mention its colourful stained glass windows, which are among the most well known in Europe, and its equally unique astronomical clock, sadly often overshadowed by Prague’s (find more about it here).

Have you ever been in Alsace? If so, what did you enjoyed the most?