How to find motivation to keep blogging

Well, if you are a beginner in the blogosphere, just like me, you know perfectly how it is to have less than ten views per day and how it discourages you to keep writing and publishing new articles every week. Let’s be honest: when someone creates a blog, besides the intention of inspiring others and sharing experiences, that person also wants to become a sucessful blogger one day, what’s not easy. If you are looking for blogging advices and tips to get more views and subscribers, maybe this article was not made for you. Instead, this article was written to help you to do not stress out for having an unsucessful blog and keep publishing new articles every week, despite the fact that no one really reads them. Ready? Here we go!


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Think you are here just to have fun

Forget the sucess, forget the money, forget everything. Think that you are here just to have fun and to improve your writting skills. Think that the blog is just like a journal, in which you write and share everything you want. It doesn’t matter if there are people that actually care about it or not, because the only person that has to like it is you. Right?

Think you are an hidden gem

Maybe you’re not a sucessful blogger because your public didn’t find you yet. Maybe you already have the talent, the awesome articles, the fantastic blog and the only think that is actually missing is the readers, but don’t worry about that because it’s just a matter of time until they finally find your blog one day, in which they will immediatelly become frequent readers. Don’t forget: you’re a diamond in the rough.


The Wanderer Guy Copyright (C) All rights reserved

Ask for opinions

Opinions often are a great way of getting inspiration. When someone tells you that you write pretty good articles or that your blog has a very profissional look, you will automatically get motivation to write more and more. So that, ask for opinions. Maybe you will receive a couple of negative feedbacks, but I’m sure you will also receive positive ones. Focus on them and get energy to keep publishing new articles every week. And what about the others? Use them to realize what are your imperfections, in order to get better and grow up as a blogger.

Try yoga

Why not?

I hope you liked my tips, which I find really helpful if you are looking to get some inspiration to keep writing and publishing new articles every week, despite the fact that anyone really reads them. If you have any other that you think that should be added to this article, then please write it on the comment section bellow.