5 Unmissable Free Things to do in London City

When people ask me how costly it is to visit the british capital, I often answer ‘I really don’t know’ because, on certain things, London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, while, on others, it’s an athentic pot of bargains. So that, for those that want to explore the city on a budget, here’s the ultimate list of 5 unmissable free things to do in ‘The Old Smoke’:

1. Follow Harry Pother’s Footprints

London was the city where Harry Potter spent his childhood and adolescence when outside Hogwats, so that, there are many places all over the city that served as filming sets to the movies, which you don’t have to pay a cent to see. Lambeth Bridge, for example, was where the Knight Bus squeezed between two double deckers, Millenium Bridge was the one that was destroyed by the Death Eaters, Scotland Place was where there was the visitor’s entry to the Ministry of Magic and Kings Cross Station was the place where, every year, Harry and his friends used to take the Hogwarts Express, at the well known Platform 9¾.


Kings Cross Station // Source: harrypotterplatform934.com

2. Watch the Changing of the Guard

According to every guidebook, this is one of the things that everyone visiting London for the first time should do. I don’t find it such an incredible experience, but it’s free and who am I to deny the guidebooks? If you want to get a great viewing spot of the ceremony in front of the Buckingham Palace or near the Victoria Memorial, make sure you arrive early, especially in the high season. Trust me! Don’t do the same mistake I did!


The Changing of the Guard // Source: buckinghampalace.co.uk

3. Explore some of the world’s richest collections

Some of the museums of the city require a payment to be visited but most of them do not charge a single cent (or penny, in this case), including some of the most renowned ones. My personal favorites are the British Museum and the Natural History Museum, which are in-cre-di-ble, but there are much more on offer, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Museum of London, the Science Museum, the Tate Modern, the National Gallery and the Imperial War Museum, between many others. The list is so big that it’s even hard to choose one to start.


The National Gallery // Source: artfund.org

4. Wander through the Portobello Road Market

Known as the world’s largest antiques market, there, you won’t just find the most exquisite vintage stuff you can imagine but also alternative fashion, second hand goods and handcrafts, not to mention the fantastic foodie scene of the neighborhood. On your next travel to London, don’t forget to spend a morning exploring the market, especially if you are looking for the best bargains in town. Londoners don’t use to be very talkative with others but since the moment you put your feet in Portobello, it will be much easier to find conversation with someone. Everyone is just so nice there!


Portobello Road // Source: apassportaffair.com

5. Relax on one of the many parks

Do you know that 47% of London is green space and that there are around eight million trees in the british capital, making the city the world’s largest urban forest? Only in Central London alone there is Kensington Gardens, Regent’s Park, St. James’s Park, Green Park and Hyde Park. So that, bring your picnic basket and your red and white checkered towel to enjoy an afternoon at the park. With so many on offer, there are no excuses not to.


Green Park // Source: flickr.com

I hope you found this article useful. If you think that I missed something important, leave your suggestion in the comment section bellow please. Happy travels!