Porto Day Trip: the Paiva Walkways

There are a few places near Porto that are already known for being great locations to spend a day out of the city such as the enchanting and enchanted Douro Valley, where you can find the best landscapes and wines Portugal has to offer, the charming medieval town of Guimarães, known as the birthplace of the country and of its first king, the super picturesque Peneda-Gerês National Park, which I already covered on this article, and the beyond old city of Braga, where you will find Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary, the most beautiful of the country, in my opinion. However, there are a few interesting places not very far from Porto which are still away from the tourists’ radar. As this is very likely to change soon, I’m gonna reveal you one of them, so that you can see this place before the crowds arrive. I’m talking about the Paiva Walkways, which might interest you if you like going outdoors, hikking and apreciating nature.


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Located just one hour and an half from Porto, the eight kilometers long walkway over the Paiva River, which is considered one of the cleanest rivers in Europe, offers a fantastic walk through a delighful natural landscape where it’s common to find photogenic waterfalls and interesting geological formations. So that, if you want to embrace this challenge, after packing your most confortable footwear, water and food, make sure you put your camera on the backpack.


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Many parts of the walkway are easy to hike while others are really hard, especially the huge staircases near Areinho. However, it’s said that it’s easier to hike from Areinho to Espiunca than the opposite, despite the fact that many people, after doing this, go back to Areinho. You know, it depends on the physical level of each one! To make sure the walkways are never crowded, tickets can only be bought via internet. To book them, you have to access the official website of the Paiva Walkways and then, to pay 1€ per ticket on an ATM near you. Very simple!


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So that, what are you waiting for to rent a car and to spend a day here with your friends during your next stay in Porto? If the beautiful natural landscape, the diverse wildlife and the sound of the river flowing aren’t reasons enough, notice that there is a beach right in the middle of the eight kilometers path, in which you can spend some time swimming and having picnics during the warmer months.


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