I was an Wanderluster Kid!

Many travel bloggers and youtubers say that, at a certain point of their lifes, they were bited by the travel bug and that’s how their passion for travelling begun. In most of the cases, it happened during a certain travel, in which they realised that it was what they wanted to do for the rest of their lifes.

Last week, I found myself thinking about this, however, I couldn’t remember when the travel bug bited me. Then, I realised I have always been like this, an authetic wanderluster. It seems strange but, one day, at sunday school, when we were playing a game in which we had to tell stuff about us in order to know each other a little bit better, I actually told everyone that I had the dream of travelling the world. I have no idea about how old I was, but I was probably seven or eight years old.


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I remember, for example, the afternoon when my sisters and I sailed to the Easter Island on our garage. The couch was the boat and the floor was the sea, which we couldn’t put our feet on if we wanted to keep alive. I also remember the morning when we built a sand plane on the beach and then took off to Paris. A few minutes after taking off, I suddenly pointed at a TV tower in the horizon and shouted ‘OMG! Do you know what is that thing over there?’. My sisters imediatelly shouted ‘We know! We know! That’s a TV tower!’. After a few more failed attempts, when I revealed it was Eiffel Tower, my mum just couldn’t stop laughing.

But Paris was not the only european city we travelled to on our summer holidays spent at home. I frequently pretended I was a pilot and my sisters were the passengers of my plane. Before he departure, I used to write on a paper the cities we were going to visit and what we were going to do in each one of them during our five minutes stay there, including dancing flamenco in Spain, drinking tea in England and drawing each other in France. One day, I even made a poster to advertise the services offered by my company, kind of a mix between an airline and a travel agency, in which I drew a couple of things about the countries we were going to visit, including a spanish dancer and a milanese catwalk, not to mention some famous monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, the Pisa Tower and the Big Ben.


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More than once, I packed a little booklet about how to survive in the wild and binoculars  on a backpack and told my mum I was going to the jungle to help sick animals. That’s maybe because of this wish of exploring new places and contacting with nature that I became a scout at the age of eight, but that’s all another story.

Because of my wanderlust, around the age of ten, I abandoned my whelks collection and started collecting bookmarks from all over the world, one of the things I loved the most to do in my free times.  I was so dedicated to this collection that it soon reached the 300 bookmarks with the contribution of my friends and family, who used to bring bookmarks to me every time they traveled.

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I have no idea about how I should end this article but I really hope you enjoyed it. Opening my memories box and remembering some of the best moments of my childhood made me so nostalgic but so happy at the same time. Thank you so much, guys, because if I didn’t had readers who deserve good content, I would probably never come up with the idea of doing this and trust me, I loved it.

Were you an wanderluster kid? Do you have any great memories you would like to share with us? Have you ever met one? The comment section is all yours!