Visiting Lisbon? Give up of your heels

A couple of days ago, I watched an interview to a Portuguese actress in which she told the interviewer that being a woman in Lisbon is much more difficult than being an woman in Paris or Milan, two other european cities that are known for having very well dressed female. She explained this saying that both of the two cities are mostly flat, unlike Lisbon, and do not have as much cobblestones as the portuguese capital. She even said that she takes her hat off to all the Portuguese women who have courage to walk on high heels in the steep cobblestoned streets of the Portuguese cities. Oh yeah, don’t think Lisbon is the only high-heel unfriendly city in Portugal! In fact, I think there is not even a single one that isn’t.

Lisbon's Gloria funicular


The Portuguese cobblestone pavements really are an art form but the Portuguese women don’t usually agree with this opinion as it’s one of their biggest nightmares. It was even created a group of women on Facebook that were against it. They do hate it but the truth is that they have already managed to become masters in the art of walking on heels in such adverse conditions. But what about you? Are you prepared for such a thing? Don’t forget that besides the high probability of getting your heels caught in the spaces between the cobblestone, what leads to ankle twisting many times, the historic center of Lisbon is very hilly. As the streets are very steep, the probability of falling because of the inclination is very high, especially when it’s raining and the ground is wet, when even people wearing flat shoes fall.

I only recommend you to bring high heels to Lisbon in case you want to dine in fancy restaurants or to experience the bustling nightlife of the city. Even though, give preference to restaurants and clubs along the riverside promenade instead of others in the hilly historic neighborhoods. There, you will be safe from cobblestones and inclination, all you want to avoid if you are wearing heels.


Anyway, if you want to pack a dozen of heeled shoes for your next trip to Lisbon, go for it! After all, Portuguese women are not superheroes and they can walk in the streets of Lisbon on them. Just make sure you bring a pair of ballerina flats in your bag, so that you can exchange your footwear quickly and easily at anytime you want.

I hope you found this article useful. Tell me if you have ever found yourself on heels in such adverse situations like the ones I wrote about. I’m really curious!