Marrakesh Day Trip: the Ouzoud Falls

Having never visited the Niagara, the Plitvice, the Iguazu or the Victoria Falls, I have to say that the prettiest waterfalls I have ever seen on my entire life were the Ouzoud Falls, in the Moroccan Atlas, not very far from Marrakesh, what makes it the perfect day trip from ‘The Red City’ if you are seeking for a relaxing day on the mountains.


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The best way to go from Marrakesh to the Ouzoud Falls is by driving your own vehicle through the gorgeous scenery of the Atlas Mountains, passing by many countryside villages and by many kids selling argan oil at the side of the road. If this option is not for you, notice that there are many companies offering day trips to Ouzoud from Marrakesh. I have no idea about how much these tours cost but I’m sure they are not very expensive once anything in Morocco is very expensive.

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There is an huge staircase in the right side of the waterfalls that connects the little village of Ouzoud, on their top, with their base. Along the staircase, there are plenty little shops selling minerals and fossils, among other souvenirs, as well as a couple of restaurants and picturesque viewpoints. However, if you are looking for a great place to lunch, I would recommend you to cross the river near the base of the waterfalls and to sit down on one of the restaurants on its left side, which are much less frequented and offer much better views of this breathtaking natural wonder.


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Unlike I was expecting, most of the people visiting this place were actually local families and not foreign visitors. It’s really fun to watch their kids swimming and jumping to the river among the steam clouds and rainbows created by the falls! Other fun thing to do there is to feed the wild monkeys. In Morocco, doing this is not illegal, at least by now, but of course that you should use your common sense, making sure that you don’t cause any harm to you or to the monkeys. Other activities that might interest you are going on a boat ride and having an henna tattoo, which I highly recommend. I had mine in Asilah and not there but I have to say that it was the best souvenir I could ever brought home from my trip to Morocco.

Have you ever visited the Ouzoud Falls? Do you want to? Tell me!