My 5 Favorite Ways to Find New Travel Blogs

You know when you get tired of the blogs you follow and want something fresh? I totally get it! As each blogger has its own way of writting and taking pictures, even though I love the way my favorite ones do it, sometimes, I get tired of it and I find myself looking for new blogs. However, it’s not an easy task when you don’t know where to search, but I know and I’m just about to share it with you. Ready? Go!


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1: Pinterest

I have to confess that, in the last couple of weeks, I have become quite obsessed about it. Its inspiring pictures, quotes and articles made Pinterest my main source of inspiration to face life with a smile on my face and to try new things. With so many article suggestions on the main page and a searching option that allows you to find exactly what you are looking for, I have to say that Pinterest is my favorite way of finding new travel blogs from this list. Speaking of Pinterest, here‘s TWG’s.


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2: Instagram

As many travel instagramer are also bloggers, Instagram has become a great way to find new travel blogs. Use the suggestions page to find them! Other (quite stupid but efficent) way to find new ravel blogs on Instagram is to write something like ‘Wanderlust’ or ‘Travel Addict’ on your profile’s description, so that you will be noticed by travel bloggers, some of which will follow you in hope that you do the same. This will make you find new blogs without even trying to. They will come to you naturally and effortlessly. You don’t have to do anything, just waiting.


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3: Facebook

Facebook doesn’t seem to be a good toll for finding new blogs but if you know where to search, you will see that it’s not like that. Many travel bloggers, including myself, like to share their newest articles on Facebook groups with the rest of the travel blogging community. You just have to search for ‘Travel Bloggers’ on the searching option and you will find plenty of groups like that. They are great to find less known blogs. Speaking of Facebook, if you are interested on following TWG page, here it is.


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4: Bloglovin’

I have been earing about Bloglovin’ and how great it is for a long time but I only started using it very recently. Bloglovin’ not only allows you to keep up with your favorite blogs and not have your email box full of newsletters, which can be pretty annoying when you have no time to read them and they acumulate, but also to find new blogs. You just have to click on the ‘Travel’ category and you will find plenty suggestions. In case you are interested, here is TWG’s Bloglovin’ page.


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5: Youtube

I would say that Youtube is, between all the websites on this list, the worst one to find new travel blogs but as I’ve already found some great ones on Youtube, I decided to include it on this article. But notice that not all travel youtubers are also bloggers. Some of them are but the big majority of them are not.


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Now, tell me, which is your favorite way to find new blogs?