Moroccan Mint Tea Recipe

There are two drinks you can’t leave Morocco without trying at least once: orange juice and mint tea, being mint tea the most delicious, as well as the most popular, not only between tourists but also between locals, who are kinda obsessed about it and drink it several times a day. For them, preparing tea is not just throwing a tea bag and a spon of sugar on boiling water. For them, it’s almost like a ceremony, envolving  traditional techniques and rituals. To throw me back to my good times in Morocco, I searched on the internet for a traditional moroccan mint tea recipe and now that I found, tested and loved one, I’m just about to share it with you, guys. Shall we?


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– Water

– An handfull of fresh mint leaves

– One tablespon of gunpowder or four to five green tea bags

– Two or more tablespons of sugar, depending on your tast


The Wanderer Guy Copyright (C) All rights reserved


Start boiling the water.

Put the gunpowder on a teapot and then add one cup of boiling water. As I didn’t had any gunpowder at home, I picked five green tea bags, filled one tablespon with the dried tea that has inside and put it on the teapot. And it worked!

Swish the pot around, pour out the tea into a cup using a filter and keep it for later.

Add another cup of boiling water, swish it around again and discard it.

Then, put the fresh mint leaves, the sugar, the cup of tea previously prepared and three cups of boiling water inside the teapot. After, place it on the stove and bring to the boil. This will caramelize the sugar and bring more flavour to the tea.

After boiling, you have to mix the ingredients by pouring the tea into a cup and pouring it back into the teapot. Do it several times until the tea is enough mixed.

Then, taste the tea. If you want to, add a bit more of sugar.

And it’s done!


The Wanderer Guy Copyright (C) All rights reservd

Have you ever tried moroccan mint tea? Now that you read this article, do you want to? What do you think of my recipe? Did I forgot any important step? I wanna know.