Monthly Archive: September, 2016

25 Symptoms That You Are a Travel Addict

Wanderlust is a serious disease without cure. It’s on my DNA and I was born like that (check ‘I was an Wanderluster Kid’). I just can’t change it. Some people say that there… Continue reading

10 Pics That Will Make You Wanna Fly to Wales

There is nothing like thinking about your future trips to forget how much you will have to work until they arrive. That’s why, on one of these days, I was scrolling down my… Continue reading

10 Reasons To Visit Puglia Next Summer

When you think about spending your summer in Italy, I’m sure you think about discovering the canals of Venice, exploring the ruins of Rome, visiting the galleries of Florence and shopping in the… Continue reading

5 Foods You Can’t Leave Sicily Without Trying

Italians cook well. That’s a fact that no one can deny. If you know someone who doesn’t like pizza, carbonara, panna cotta, tiramisu, bolognese, gelato or lasagna, let me know because I don’t… Continue reading