10 Pics That Will Make You Wanna Fly to Wales

There is nothing like thinking about your future trips to forget how much you will have to work until they arrive. That’s why, on one of these days, I was scrolling down my Pinterest feed looking for inspiration for my next holidays until I found a picture of Wales that made me curious about this place which name I already heard a thousand times but still had no idea about how fascinting it was. Now that I do, here I am to show you that. I hope you have some cash in your pocket because after seeing these ten pictures, you won’t be able to resist to catch the next plane to this magical place of green rolling hills and countless legendary castles. Ready?

Tenby holds one of the most delighful and colourful harbours in all Britain and this picture turns down every doubt about it. This place is for sure on my bucketlist!

Source: foresttravelholidays.co.uk

Welcome to Cardiff, the charming capital of Wales! How magical look its castle and gardens? They look like they have been taken from a Cinderella storybook.

Source: meetcardiff.com

Snowdonia National Park is one of the most visited places in Wales and it’s easy to see why. Do you like this lake? There are endless more to discover inside the park!

Source: metro.co.uk

Dozens of adorable old bookshops and countless colourful public bookshelves: Welcome to Hay-on-Wye, the town of books! P.S.: I want to visit this place so bad!

Source: buzzfeed.com

The little island of South Stack, near Anglesey, with its picturesque whitewashed lighthouse is the perfect place to watch the sun slowly setting over the horizon.

Source: photosbykev.deviantart.com

Portmeirion is located in Wales but was constructed according to the Italian style. Does it look Italian? No. Does it look Welsh? No. Does it look magical? For sure!


Source: gillianmobrien.wordpress.com

Wales is a legendary and enigmatic land full of mysticism, which can be mostly found in its countless ruins. This one is Valle Crucis Abbey, one of the creepiest.

Source: panoramio.com

Looking for clean and calm beaches, dramatic cliffs, brathtaking seascapes and great sea caves to explore? If so, maybe Wales should be your next destination! Why not?

Source: roughguides.com

Wales has more castles per square space than any other place in the world and from all the existing ones, if I had to pick just one to visit, Caernarfon Castle would be it!

Source: 1zoom.me

As Wales is the land of castles, there was no way I could end this article without the picture of one. Here is Conwy Castle, one of the most picturesque and famous ones.

Source: brynholcombe.co.uk

I hope a little desire of visiting this fascinating place was born on you after seeing these pictures I passionately chose for you, guys. If you think there is something missing here, let me know by leaving your suggestion in the comment section.