25 Symptoms That You Are a Travel Addict

Wanderlust is a serious disease without cure. It’s on my DNA and I was born like that (check ‘I was an Wanderluster Kid’). I just can’t change it. Some people say that there is a temporary cure, which is travelling, but I don’t agree because every very time I travel it even gets worse. I know this is a serious problem, but you know what? I fucking love it! It has made me visit incredible places, meet incredible people and do incredible stuff I wouldn’t do if I preferred to stay at home, sited on my couch watching tv and eating chips all day long! 

That’s why I think that wanderlust is the world’s best disease. So don’t be afraid of being infected (yeah, it’s infectious)! At least it won’t kill you, unless you have a heart attack while bugging jumping in Queenstown, get on a chocolate induced coma in Zurich or get run over in the chaotic traffic of Mumbai. The symptoms of wanderlust are countless but to make the diagnosis easier I decided to list 25 of them, which I think are the most significant and common. Are you ready?

Note: All the photos bellow were took during my visit to Rome this summer


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1. You love foreign music! You simply can’t stop dancing when you listen to Bollywood songs and when you want to have a moment of relaxation, you put Tibetan or Peruvian traditional music on. It makes you feel more introspective.

2. You love to try foreign dishes. Probably, you frequently cook some at home. You refuse to eat sushi with fork and knife and there is an endless plethora of spices in our kitchen, not only because you love their taste, but also because you are quite obcessed about their exotic smell, that throws you back to the street markets of Marrakesh, Delhi, Samarkand or Muscat you visited last summer.

3. You subscribe to a bunch of travel bloggers and youtubers and, if you are not one yet, you would love to. If you didn’t loved to travel, you wouldn’t be reading this. 

4. You are always comparing plane ticket prices, even when you are not available to travel on any time soon. Skyscanner is probably your best friend.

5. You probably have a journal or a sketchbook where you keep all your travel memories and there is nothing you are most proud of than it. There, you not only write and draw, but you also keep maps, leaflets, business cards, tickets, postcards and everything else you find during your adventures abroad.


The Wanderer Guy Copyright (C) All rights reserved

6. You love to learn new languages and you are fluent in at least two.

7. You are always planning future trips, even though you know that you won’t go on any of them any time soon. You plan an entire trip or gap year in a couple of seconds out of a picture you saw on Pinterest or an article you read on Bloglovin’.

8. Even though you do buy some souvenirs, you don’t buy as much as other people use to because you prefer to invest your money on experiences than on low quality magnets, pencils and snowballs. You give much more value to the good memories you bring home than to the useless stuff you buy abroad. That’s it.

9. You know that travelling doesn’t have to be as expensive as people often portrait. Skyscanner is your best friend when speaking about booking your flights and maybe you have already couchsurfed or woofed. You are a pro on travelling on a budget!

10. You hardly ever join travel agencies tours but you never refuse one of their leaflets. You know that travelling by yourself can be a much cheaper, fun and authentic experience but you simply can’t resist to all those colourful pictures of exotic landscapes and charming cities the leaflets bring. Isn’t that true?


11. You love photography and maybe also drawing.

12. You love to go out of the beaten path and to explore hidden pearls still out of most tourists’ radars. There is nothing you love more than a exploring a monument at your own without annoying flashes and noisy whispers breaking your attention from the works of art around you and there is nothing that you hate more than arriving at home thinking you got the best Tour Eiffel shot in the world and then you realize there is a group of german or chinese elderly tourists guided by a yellow flag ruining your frame. We all know how frustrating it is, isn’t it?

13. You smile every time you look at the stamps of your passport.

14. You are not racist and you have friends of other ethnicities. Just like me, you think that this whole races thing is bullshit. Judging others because of the pigmentation of their skin is something that only ignorant people would do. 

15. Your backpack is your best friend and you use it very often.


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16. You absolutely love globes and those super cool clocks that show what time it is in other parts of the world. Anything travel-related, really! If you are like me, you have already decorated your bedroom (or maybe even your entire house) with postcards, pictures, maps, tickets and everything else you found on your adventures abroad.

17. You love to go outdoors and to appreciate nature. Hiking, camping, picnicking and going to the beach are some of your favorite activities when the weather is warm and the sun shines. Probably, you have collect leaves, feathers or shells.

18. You love Pinterest and Tumblr, or at least one of them.

19. You call yourself traveler and you don’t like when you are called tourist. It makes you feel just one more person holding a camera on the queue to the Statue of Liberty. But if you think a bit about it, you will realize that it’s all the same stuff. Traveler is someone who travels visiting new places, and someone who travels visiting new places is a tourist. That’s it. Sorry not sorry. (Anyway, I still hate to be called tourist)

20. You love everything related to planes and airports. Pan Am is probably one of your favorite tv series of all time and you carefully keep all your plane tickets.

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21. They are all clichés and you know that very well, but you still love travel quotes.

22. At Christmas and at your birthday, many of your friends and relatives use to give you travel-related gifts because they know that, no matter what it is, you will love it.

23. You are not afraid of travelling to third world countries. It even excites you!

24. Some of your favorite books (and pherhaps even movies) are related with travelling. Maybe your favorite one is ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, or maybe it’s ‘Into the Wild’. Speaking of books, have you already checked ‘1000 Places to See Before You Die’?

25. You are awesome!

How many symptoms do you have? All of them? Is there anyone missing?